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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Spanish River Theatre Department strives for only the best results when the best effort is contributed. Located at Spanish River Community High School, our program allows students to perform musicals/plays/individual events, create posters/costumes/sets, and design all aspects of on stage and technical theatre. 

The SRHS Theatre Department strives to educate and fascinate with theatric arts. When you arrive at Spanish River High, you will notice the only stand alone professional theater in the Palm Beach County School District: The Countess De Hoernle Theater. 


Not only does our theater house dozens of events throughout the year but our program allows students at Spanish River to produce two large cast musicals every school year, along with a few other events in between, including our spring and fall showcases.

Our theater program  allows for many opportunities for our students including our theater and stagecraft clubs and the ability to participate in the International (Florida State) Thespian Society Festival with our Troupe 3963. This offers students the opportunity to perform and be critiqued by professionals in the industry. For more information about Florida State Thespians, please click HERE.

The district 10 thespians festival, our fall and spring musicals and our showcases give students who like to design, create, and perform many opportunities to express themselves. All participants of our program become well rounded in the performance and technical arts. Every student is valued in the theatre department and we welcome all newcomers to join a troupe of talented artists. We can’t wait to meet you!

Every student has a reason to do what they excel at best. We aspire to create a safe, welcoming environment for all students who want to preform, create, and be apart of something bigger than theater: a family.If you’re an incoming student, alumni, parent, current student, or bystander, you've known or will learn that being apart of our troupe is not only an unforgettable experience, but a place where friends are made forever. 

Meet the Team

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