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Our 2018 District X Superiors (from left to right): Maya Fuchs, Daisy Chaskin, Victoria Gomez, Julia Avery, Stevie Bleich, & Caroline Lueken

International Thespian Society
Troupe 3963

Joining the theatre department, or "drama club", at Spanish River High School would open up the possibility of gaining membership in Thespian Troupe 3963, which includes the opportunity to participate in District and State Thespian competitions, and culminates with the induction into the Thespian Honor Society. 

Students interested in becoming members of Troupe 3963 at Spanish River High School are encouraged to attend one of our scheduled meetings usually held in The River Black Box Theater, room 4-109, every other Thursdays during lunch.

Students are also strongly encouraged to join our classroom for updates as well as regularly checking our google calendar.  Any question can be emailed to the performing arts coordinator and he will connect you with the appropriate thespian officer to find answers.

Visit: to learn more about our One Act and Individual Competition Piece events.

Florida State Thespians is a chapter of the Education Theatre Association which sponsors the International Thespian Society.  Thespian troupes are chartered in public and private schools through the country.  Florida Thespian has troupes all across Florida in both public and private schools, representing excellence in theatre education.

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